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Range Name Town County No. Bays Shop Food From Price  
Bearwood Golf Club Sindlesham Berkshire 10 1.00 Details
Bearwood Lakes Golf Club Wokingham Berkshire 12 Details
Birdhills Golf Club Maidenhead Berkshire 36 1.00 Details
Blue Mountain Golf Club Binfield Berkshire 37 1.00 Details
Braywick Golf Centre Maidenhead Berkshire 55 2.30 Details
Deanwood Park Golf Course Newbury Berkshire 8 1.00 Details
Downshire Golf Club Wokingham Berkshire 30 2.00 Details
Hennerton Golf Club Reading Berkshire 7 2.00 Details
Lavender Park Golf Club Ascot Berkshire 24 2.90 Details
Newbury Golf Club Newbury Berkshire 20 3.00 Details
Sand Martins Golf Wokingham Berkshire 10 2.00 Details
The Berkshire Golf Club Ascot Berkshire 6 1.50 Details
West Berkshire Golf Club Newbury Berkshire 10 2.00 Details
Wokefield Park Golf Club Reading Berkshire 13 0.00 Details
Maidenhead Golf Centre Maidenhead Berkshire 20 3.50 Details
Theale Golf Club Reading Berkshire 10 Details
Lower Henwick Driving Range Thatcham Berkshire 12 Details

NOTE: We regret we cannot answer questions about a particular range or playing golf in general. The details for a range have been provided by the range owners and may not have been updated recently. Please check all details provided with the range owners before planning a visit. This will help avoid any disappointment. If you find any inaccuracies please ask the range owners to update their details on this site as soon as they can. Thank you.

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